Whisky A Go Go  West Hollywood

Fab Mab     San Francisco

Cornerstone Street Punks turned from rock to new wave rock. They became the band Street Punks.

Howie Klein (former President of Reprise Records): "This hard rocking quartet packs the dynamic punch of true rockers like AC/DC or the early Stones, with a bona fide 1977 approach to the art".

The  Mabuhay  Gardens    San  Francisco  California

Hayward Daily Review: "their act is anything but boring..."

S.F. Examiner: "the shows [at the Mabuhay Gardens] are rounded out by two of the best local bands the Bay Area has to offer--the Avengers on Thursday and the Street Punks on Friday. The choice is too hard. Go Both Nights."

Mabuhay Gardens  S.F. Ca

Mabuhay  S.F. Ca

            Berkeley Barb:

"Crazed vocalist Tringali...

Don Lamb's laconic arrogance...

"Street Punks" tension can scar you while the stance arouses you".

Street Punks Candy Bars

Street  Punks  Flyers  and  Posters

The Fab Mab   S.F. Ca

Golden Gate Theater  S.F. Ca.

Creem Magazine: "A hard-ass bar band...a good compromise between old and new wave".

                     BAM Magazine:

"Who are the biggest punks in the

Bay Area -- the Nuns? ..Crime?..

The Avengers?..Those bands?

Art school students and poseurs, all!

The real punks are a hard-rockin', pogo-dancin' quartet of teenagers from Hayward [CA], called   "Street Punks".

Longbranch Saloon   Berkeley  Ca

West Los Angeles