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Street Punks merged from Rock band Cornerstone, to New Wave Rock band Street Punks. In 1973 Don Lamb put Cornerstone together with, Rick Gonzales on Drums, Brian Humes on guitar and Don on Bass and vocals.


    Playing local Battle Of The Bands, College campuses, Nite clubs, they started to build a nice following. In 1975 Ken Cimino replaced Rick Gonzales on drums and Rick Clare joined as second guitar player. Rick Clare was still in high school!

    After winning another battle in 1976, Tony Lourenco joined the band, replacing Brian Humes. They became "Cornerstone Street Punks".


   In August of 76' Tony re-wrote their rock song, "Going To The City" in a New Wave Rock style, as Don Lamb branded this sound.  Rick Clare then wrote the first original, "Suburban Boredom" and followed by Don Lamb's: "Leave Us Alone"  and dropped Cornerstone from the name, thus becoming,"Street Punks"!


  Their rock band friends said: Thet got to far away from rock! The few punk bands at the time, said they were not punk enough. It was the name, and they refused to change it.  In April of 1977, Street Punks were selected, , to open for the England based punk band: "The Damned"...

The Damned did not have their equiptment with them, that nite! Dirk Dirksen, the club manager, asked the Street Punks if The Damned could use theirs. Promosing to pay for anything broken. Don Lamb's Bass Speakers blew out, dut to all the control levels, being turned up to max output. Dirk kept his word and bought Don a new Bass Amp and Speakers!!

    Rock or Punk or New Wave Rock, Street Punks were all of these styles, wrapped into one. That show opened the doors, for sold out shows, where ever they played.


  In June of 77' Mary Monday merged with the punks, to record, and do a few shows. They recorded a 7in. red vinyl record, with 4 songs on the ep. 2 with Mary as Mary Monday and the Bitches, and the flip side, having 2 songs without Mary. The record was called:Out Of The Alley" and had only 100 copies pressed. It sold out in 7 days, in the U.S., England, France, Italy, Costa Rica, and Germany. Leave Us Alone was in the top 10 in San Jose, Costa Rica, on local radio stations. Also a cult hit in several clubs, in Berlin.


   In August of 77' they recorded their second record called: "Breakout". Also, a 4 song ep, they have 2 live songs from The Fab Mab, as well as a tune from Da Statikz, "Peace and Flowers (are dead)". Da Statikz was Don Lamb, Rick Clare, Leonard Haze, Joey Alves and John Urbaach. Peace and Flowers is still played at many clubs in Germany, with it being played in the streets, on New Years Eve. Several bands have re-done this song.


   In Sept, Mike Tringali entered the band as singer and front man. This is when the punks wrote more intense punk songs, like "HOI". CBS T.V. picked Street Punks to be taped live internationally.  3 bands were picked, to show punk rock in the United States. One from New York, One from Los Angeles, and one from San Francisco. It was viewed from coast to coast, on the CBS 6 & 10 o'clock newa, for 3 nights straight. 

    An afternoon show at Union Square in S.F. the Street Punks were interrupted by the S.F. police, and was put under arrest, for not having clearance, to play there! They were playing for the mayor's wife, high society fashion show. When they talked, an officer came over, and un-arrested the band. Over 10,000 people were watching this, thru-out the square, as well as all the financial buildings, and high rise hotels, where all windows, on all levels, were hanging out, viewing the show.

   On their tour, stopping in at The Whiskey A Go Go, they played 2 nites, with Mary Monday's new band. Street Punks were partying with The Go Go's at that show. Hollywood welcomed the punks!!!

The band along with hometown friends band "Yesterday and Today" (Y&T) who were playing that weekend in Hollywood also, got kicked out of their motel for excessive noise all nite. It was on Santa Monica Blvd. That's Rock!!!