Hoi Explicit Lyrics    30 seconds

Street Punks Band, Backside of second record.

  • Leave_Us_Alone.mp30:00

Get Outta My Way   38 seconds

     Side A  with Mary

Bad Boy     28 seconds

T.V. Time    39 seconds

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Street Punks Records On Discogs. 1977 Punk Rock The Fab Mab Mabuhay Gardens

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Street Punks Band and Mary Monday teamed up on this record. 1977
Street Punks Band, New Wave Rock Band, Collector's edition C.D.

Collectors Edition  17 Song CD from Street Punks..also 2 cuts from Mary Monday and The Bitches (aka Street Punks). Also included, Da Statikz, "Peace and Flowers" (are dead) plus 10 Live songs from The Fab Mab!  1977 (Mabuhay Gardens)  S.F. Ca 

Out Of The Alley was the   first record with Mary Monday and the Street Punks. It is a 7in, 33 1/3,

red vinyl record with 4 songs on it. Original song "Popgun" is on it Recorded in June 1977, only 100 copies were pressed!

12' LP From Rave Up Records In Rome Italy.

Street Punks Band Don Lamb Mabuhay Gardens 1977

T.V. Time on Clear Vinyl

50 copies

  • Popgun1:19

  • Education Dropout0:00

Going To The City    43 seconds

  • The Gardener0:00

  • Leave Us Alone2:38

  Teenage  Teaser   31 seconds

  • Bad Boy0:00

Up Against It - 2011

I wasn't expecting to release "Up" so quickly, but that's what...

  • Peace and Flowers are dead0:00
Street Punks Band Discogs Live At The Fab Mab 1977 Punk
Street Punks Band, second record release. 4 songs, 2 live from The Fab Mab

  • I Hate Radio0:00

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Education Dropout   32 seconds

Street Punks band first 45 released July 1977. New Wave rock bands

  • Going_To_The_City.mp30:00

  • TV TIME.mp30:00

The Fair   33 seconds

  • Suburban_Boredom.mp30:00

  • Teenage Teaser0:00

Street Punks Cd And Record Listening

I Hate Radio   29 seconds  

Leave Us Alone     37 seconds

1. Popgun

2. Leave Us Alone


Side B  Steet Punks

1. Suburban Boredom

2. Leave Us Alone

  • Suburban Boredom & Leave Us Alone4:52

Breakout is the 2nd record, also with 4 songs. It was recorded in Aug. 1977. 2 songs are live cuts, from The Fab Mab. Only 100 pressed.

        Side A

1. Teenage Teaser

2. Peace & Flowers

         Side  B

1. Hoi   (Live)

2. Get Outta My Way

  • Hoi0:00

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  • Get Outta My Way. mp30:00
  • Get Outta My Way. mp30:00

  • 0:00

Suburban Boredom   31 seconds

The Gardener     24 seconds

  • Teenage Teaser.mp30:31

  • The Fair0:00